We don't wear name tags. We know who we are. Come on down and meet us so we can know who you are, too.

First there is Glenn. He's been in the hardware biz for 46 years. When he first started, a lot of the tools we sell weren't even invented yet.

Then there's the "new" guy, Chris. He's only been in the business 31 years. You don't need to cut him any slack, though. He knows his stuff.

Finally, there's me. I am Dave Otto, the owner of Stepney Hardware since I was born.  This business was actually started by my father and, after taking one look at me in my crib, he knew I was a hardware guy if he ever saw one. He was right. I love the business, I enjoy my customers and if I don't have what you need... I'll order it for you or tell you which store might carry it.